Class Activities – Thursday

Students continued working on their websites.  Additionally, we talked about Web 2.0 (the latest buzz word in technology), and spent time looking at several Web 2.0 Applications.  We also talked in depth about Web Standards, and why they are important.

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Class Activities – Wednesday

Today we learned how to make a Web Site. Where a Web Page is only one page on the Web, a Website is a network of pages all linked together. To build our website we used a combination of Adobe Photoshop & Macromedia Dreamweaver 8. We learned the following things: How to Define a New […]

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We are the smartest and most talented bunch of web design students ever (at least that's what our instructor says).  You can visit this blog to find out about all of the cool things we are doing in class, and to browse through our sites. If you would like to learn more about our instructor, you can click here: Erica O'Grady.